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Cyclosporine Eye Drops
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Cyclosporine is the generic version of Cyclomune – one of the most commonly prescribed medicines by ophthalmologist for the treatment dryness & itching of eye. It is given for the patients to increase the production of tears who do not produce enough amount of tears on own. Cyclosporine Drops is a topical immunomodulator. Exactly how Cyclosporine Drops works is not known. If we compare Cyclosporine with other immunomodulator drugs, then Cyclosporine works better & well tolerated. A lot of Cyclosporine information is available online, while the medicine itself is available in physical and online pharmacies in emulsion of 0.05% Cyclosporine.

Manufacturer: Sun Pharma
Brand Name: Cyclomune
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Average Delivery Time: 12 Days
Exp. Date: Approx. June 2014/15
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  6 Bottle(s) 0.05% 3ml $21.50 $129.00 FREE Shipping!

Frequently asked Questions about Cyclosporine / Cyclomune

How does Cyclomune / Cyclosporine work ?
Cyclomune is a topical immunomodulator but exact mechanism of action is not known as it is still a mystery. It is highly effective in patients who have regular complaint of dryness, itching and redness in eyes. Cyclosporine works as an eye lubricant & increase the production of tears. Following development by Allergan Inc. and FDA approval, details about Cyclomune' run-away success quickly made it to the news. Approved by the FDA, Cyclosporine has since then become famous. If you need any additional information about Cyclosporine, just continue reading the FAQs that follow.

Side Effects of Cyclomune
Cyclomune or its generic alternatives all have certain side effects, the most common of which are Blurred vision; mild burning, itching, or stinging; feeling of having something inside your eye. Severe allergic reactions; changes in vision; continued or worsening itching, burning, stinging, or irritation; continuing blurred vision; discharge from eyes; excessive tear production; eye pain, redness, or swelling. The severity of these Cyclosporine side effects depends & varies from patient to patient. Cyclosporine is a need based medicine so do not use more than the recommended dose or use for longer than prescribed without checking with your doctor. Moreover, it is meant to be used only by the prescription of a doctor; it should be used with cautions in special populations like children & pregnant females.

Guidelines before taking Cyclomune
Certain precautions should be taken prior to taking Cyclomune. The most important is that it should only be taken under medical supervision. Cyclomune can cause blurred vision so avoid driving or working with machinery just after using cyclosporine drops. One should fix the time for each day to use cyclosporine drops. If you are having hypersensitivity with any ingredient or to other corticosteroid then you should consult your doctor clarifying the condition.

What are the common dosages of Cyclosporine ?
You can buy generic Cyclosporine drops in emulsion form in strengths of 0.05% cyclosporine.

Difference between Brand Cyclomune and Generic Cyclosporine 
Brand Cyclomune is manufactured by Allergan Inc while generic Cyclosporine is manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies. While brand Cyclomune comes in a particular colour, size and packaging, generic Cyclosporine is available in many different variants. Different versions of generic Cyclosporine are actually more effective than the original Cyclomune, while costing much lesser.

Where and how to buy?
Cyclomune and its generic alternatives are on sale online and in pharmacies worldwide. So you can either buy Cyclomune or buy Generic Cyclosporine drop online. Many online pharmacies also have sample packs of these medications available at discount prices, so you can buy generic Cyclomune as a cheap alternative to buying the branded version.

If you find Cyclomune too costly, you can compare its prices and then buy Generic Cyclomune online from the cheapest provider. An online purchase is generally easier than through the local pharmacy because when you order online, the pharmacy generally provides you overnight delivery right at your doorstep.

Why is the price of Generic Cyclomune / Cyclosporine so cheap at 4rx.com?
Generic medications are generally cheaper than the original brands as they do not carry the premium tag. At 4rx.com we source all our generic Cyclomune / Cyclosporine drugs in bulk directly from quality manufacturers. As a result, we get better prices, which we pass on to our valued customers. As a result, you can buy generic Cyclomune / Cyclosporine drugs online from 4rx.com at the cheapest prices.

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