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Are worries over your job, your home, your bills, or your relationship getting you down? That’s no surprise given the fragile state of this economy. Much as some of us would like, we can’t hide away until things get better. But we can ask our doctors about treating depression with Bupropion, more recognizable by the brand name Nofumar-ER.

Manufacturer: Sun Pharma
Brand Name: Nofumar-ER
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Exp. Date: Approx. July 2015
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Are you having trouble getting out of bed? Maybe you’re just too tired to get up. Maybe you’re in the middle of a great dream and you don’t want it to end. Maybe it’s cold and dreary and getting up doesn’t seem worth the effort. And maybe you’re just too lazy to move.

In bed is a wonderful place to be, especially if you’re there with someone else. But if you’ve been spending too much time in bed – especially if you’re there alone –it’s time to find out why you don’t feel like getting up. You might be surprised to learn the reason could be depression, a serious medical condition affecting more people than ever before.

When treated, depression is manageable. When it isn’t, it could turn deadly. So don’t let this happen. Depression doesn’t cause the same shame or stigma it once did, and several effective treatment options are currently available.

One of those options is Nofumar-ER in tablet form. And now that the product’s patent-protection has expired, people with depression can find the same relief with Bupropion, a generic equivalent. In addition to treating depression, Bupropion helps those suffering from SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder; a condition characterized by episodes of depression that occur during times of the year when there’s less light. Many cigarette smokers have also released themselves from the addictive grip of nicotine with Nofumar-ER.

The dosage and number of times a day you take Bupropion will vary based on your diagnosis. As with other prescribed medications, Bupropion should only be used as instructed by your doctor.

If you’re worried about safety, don’t be. Bupropion purchased from 4rx.com is safe because 4rx.com only buys from licensed wholesalers and WHO/GMP approved manufacturers.

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