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Are you worried about the reflection you see in the mirror? You could make light of the situation, except that losing your hair isn’t something to joke about. You could try to accept balding hair as one of life’s minor unpleasantries. But you shouldn’t have to. Now when a daily dose of Finasteride is all you need to regrow hair.

Manufacturer: Cipla, GP
Brand Name: Pelosta
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Exp. Date: Approx. Aug 2015
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Ask any man what’s better – going gray or going bald? Most would probably answer that neither is ideal. Press them a little more though, and chances are at least some would choose hair that’s gray over hair that’s gone. After all, gray hair can be dyed. But when you’re losing your hair, you don’t have very many options.

You could keep repositioning your part so that you can keep brushing your remaining hair over and across the top of your bald head. Or you could cover a bald spot with a hairpiece. But matching hair color and texture is difficult and very often, a hairpiece won’t match your natural hair. Or you could wear a hat all the time. Problem is, there are too many times when wearing a hat isn’t acceptable.

So what’s a balding man to do?

A balding man should do what other balding men do: Use Finasteride. Finasteride is a generic brand of Pelosta, the FDA-approved drug approved initially to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate) and later to treat male pattern baldness. Recommended for long-term use, Finasteride is effective in re-growing some hair that has been lost due to balding. It accomplishes this by strengthening hair follicles.

Whether you’re a young man who’s just beginning to lose hair or you’re older and already losing hair and would prefer your hair loss not get any worse, Finasteride can help. Men wishing to regrow hair using a generic brand of Pelosta are advised to take a single dosage daily – ideally at the same time every day. They’re also advised to continue taking Finasteride for as long as they want hair re-growth to continue.

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